Baylor ITS Launches New Online Experience

November 11, 2021
Screenshot of the new ITS online experience

Today, Baylor Information Technology Services launched a new online experience that envisions a new way forward for the organization. The new experience is comprised of three, different components:

  • A new, streamlined Baylor ITS site built in the new Drupal CMS environment, available at an entirely new URL:
  • An expanded HelpDesk+ online experience, available at
  • The Baylor ITS Self-Service platform, available at

The new Baylor ITS site highlights the people and university-wide partnerships of Baylor Information Technology Services and invites creative collaboration with faculty, staff, administration, and students toward technology-driven solutions that will enhance research, teaching, and university operations. The new ITS online experience is one of the first Baylor digital platforms to be hosted within the university's new Drupal web environment. While there are familiar functionalities within the online experience, they have all been rebuilt within the new framework. Additional features will be developed that will be woven into the ITS online experience over time.

HelpDesk+ is now the primary platform for in-person and virtual technical support for the university. Many of the software, hardware, and technology purchasing support resources that used to be found within the ITS online experience are now on HelpDesk+. Enhancements to the HelpDesk+ online experience include a centralized, searchable catalog of Baylor-licensed and supported software, a streamlined approach to managing technology inventory management and purchasing, and more direct pathways to in-person, virtual, or self-service technical support.

User feedback on the new Baylor ITS online experience can be submitted through this online form. These new and enhanced resources will continue to be developed as Baylor's online platforms mature with the implementation of emerging web technologies.